Thursday, February 25, 2010

Online Horror Writer's Critique Group Forming!

Grim of Grimoire of the Hour and I have decided it’s hard to get a good quality horror writing critique group together in our local areas, so we’ve decided to start a writer’s critique group where people can share scenes and get feedback to hone their skills, share info on potential markets for pedaling their work, and generally support and inspire each other.

I did consider whether to make it a blog, but realized that writers are private people and the work should stay within the group, so here’s my email: We will work through email to pass on our scenes and do our critiques. Once we’ve set up a group of writers, we will make a group mailing list so that scenes can be sent out to the group and replied all by the group members for feedback.

What we’re looking for:

People who are not just hobbyists, but expect to be or are already published horror writers
People who are willing to give feedback honestly and receive honest tactful feedback
People who are actively writing works
People who want to help each other prepare and submit work

So, email me (address in the second paragraph) and tell me a bit about your writing experience, if you’ve been published, what sort of horror you write, and if you could include at least a few paragraphs of some of your work (keep it under 500 words if you can), then Grim and I can review it and make our decisions. We’d like to open it to everyone who applies, but we realize that we need to keep the group tight and professional and not too time consuming for all the group by having too many members' work to read or people at different levels of experience. We're looking for a compatible small group and hope to get ourselves published and taking our writing seriously.

So you know what you're getting into (because you're no doubt interviewing us too), here are examples of our writing: Grim's prize winning flash short story and my flash short story that won the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" show contest.


  1. Didn't know GA had a contest. Congrats!

    I could use a good critique group. But I'm going to have to think about this.

  2. Andrea;
    If you'd like feedback and help with getting published, that's what we will be providing. I've been regularly getting published since last October when I won the contest. We'd love to have other writers refining their skills with us.

  3. And remember, friends, good writing begats good screenwriting skills, too. Just think where THAT could eventually lead to! Cheers & good luck y'all! ~ An' (•8-D

  4. Anadæ;
    I must admit that I have a SciFi novel waiting to become a screenplay, but I know absolutely nothing about how to format screenplays. I keep hoping I'll meet some nice screenplay writer who is empty of new ideas and wants to use mine and we can work together on it. It's a story that really needs to be on the screen--a kind of blockbuster type story. I'm thrilled to say that since last October when I began submitting short stories, more have been accepted than declined--that's a good sign. I suppose I needed the time to season as a writer before venturing into the cruel world of publishing.

  5. That's my little sister … always rooting for you, no matter which direction you take … say, have you ever been here yet?

  6. Anadæ;
    Yeah, I have looked there. I think I'll probably be heading towards Horror Writers Asssociation, although some of my things might fit well under sci-fi/fantasy. As soon as I get more credits to my name, I'll definitely be pursuing professional associations and an agent too. I look forward to that day and I feel confident it will come. Thanks for being such a supportive "big brother."

  7. Sharon,

    What an interesting idea to form a group. Obviously, I don't qualify but I do enjoy reading about your endeavors. SciFi horror novel. Wow. Where can I find some of your short stories?


  8. Paula;
    Thanks. Throughout last October I wrote short stories most days of the month. If you look in my archives on the lefthand side, you'll find them in 2009, October.

  9. It would be nice to have a place to send my stories and have them critiqued. I know that you will be honest and give great advice. As soon as you set the group up, let us know.....thanks!

  10. Julie;
    If you want to join the group, you can send me a sample for Grim and I to read. We'll be keeping the members down to 5 max if we can so we don't have to ask people to read tons of scenes all the time.

  11. oh, damn, autumnforest...this is a GREAT idea! unfortunately, i'm in the middle of a tornado in my life right now, & i can't commmit to doing this...i'm not writing much right now for lack of time & focus, ya know? but i'll be rooting y'all on!!

  12. Libby;
    I'm expecting a book of life experiences and how they correlate to your fantastic outlook on life. You are a bursting bit of sunshine and optimism and we need you to infect the world with it.

  13. Hey, if you want me to post a reference to our group on my blog, just let me know. We might reach more potential applicants that way.

  14. I would love to be in a critique group with you all. I'll email you later about it. Good idea!

  15. Very cool. Good luck with this you guys! (I'd join up but I'm not just horror, and the books I'm doing now are all over. Only one's horror.) However, if at a later date I'm doing more horror can I perhaps join on board then???

  16. Oh wait...just read you're limiting to 5. Well, if I ever can join up later you'll probably be full and I'll have to wait until space opens. That is the story of my life... ;)

  17. Courtney;
    We'd be totally cool with you joining up when you're ready. So far, we haven't reached the 5 mark, so there's space.



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