Sunday, February 28, 2010

Interesting Stabilized UFO Footage

I found this footage really interesting. What do you make of it?


  1. I's really interesting. I guess the question to ask is, is it real? Even with all the different enhancements, it's difficult to know whether it is real or not.

    Makes you wonder though, doesn't it?

  2. Yeah, Jeff. There's something about it that jives with something reported with some of the supposed "flying humanoids" where there's little things that seem to join up with them. That's a repeating theme. I find it terribly interesting and compelling and I rarely feel that way about the subject of UFOs because it's just so huge and hard to study.

  3. Yes, This is a very interesting video. What is shown does correspond with some reports I have read of sightings of 'drones' & a 'Mothership'.
    Is it extra-terrestrial? Or is it of this planet?? Hard to say....

  4. Ms. Forest ….interesting is an understatement ….footage of a similar "beast" allegedly seen around the world sparked the interest of the world renowned Ufologist, Linda Moulton Howe, whose telephone interview w/ another close range witness was sampled (w/o her authorization, I might add) in this sumptuous CGI Techno-Rave music video by DRONE, Strange Craft. What say ye to that? ~ (•8-D

  5. It's Mary Poppins!

    But seriously, real or not, it moves insanely fast and in a similar manner as something I've witnessed a few times in my life. I remember seeing these lights, about as bright as satellites and just as high or higher in the night sky, zipping around at insane speeds until they just flung off and out of my field of sight. There was no way in hell they were satellites or weather balloons and they were too far out of the atmosphere to be a jet. I've never seen anything on the planet that moves with such speed. Not even military aircraft! Just wondering, has as anyone else seen these? I watched the history channel a while back and remember an account Columbus had while sailing to the New World and it sounded very similar to what I saw.

    Interesting to say the least.

  6. Anadae; That film was cool. I have to admit that the way it was designed, made me think of a portal that things can be shot in and out of.

    Grim; These have actually been reported pretty frequently. I remember some footage on the Monsterquest episode about flying humanoids. They showed a flying humanoid that looked a bit like a helicopter from a very far distance and there were little ball-like things flying around it and got sucked up into it and it took off quickly. I think the episode was called "terror in the sky" or something like that. You might find it online at the History Channel site. I think it was one of the scariest documentaries ever--just very very creepy.

  7. Pretty cool the way they showed the video in several different variations. It looks like one of the humanoids you did a blog about earlier. The way it just shot out of there so quickly, makes me wonder......we are not alone!

  8. Julie;
    It was pretty interesting. It also brought to mind the famous crop circle footage that showed balls flying around, creating the circle. Makes me wonder if they're drones.



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