Thursday, January 21, 2010

Son's Blog

Just because I'm a typical proud mom and because I talk about it from time to time and you get the sense he's a lot like me, I thought you might like to see his blog. He just started it and he's sharing the process of a college art student. It's called "The Artistic Endeavors of Alex Clauss"


  1. Oh gosh! He is so cute! He took that from his mom i guess!
    Before i read your comment i knew you would also feel this way about second chances. I got to leave you now and check your good looking boy's blog.
    Love and light

  2. Hey Georgina;
    Thanks! I love reading your blog. You're always so insightful.

  3. He is a doll! Thanks for sharing and I'll follow him as well! :)

  4. Hey Michelle;
    Awesome! He has this crazy ability to just make everything golden. It's fun to watch his endeavors. Whatever he decides to do, he succeeds at. Reminds me of my dad. He had that Midas touch too and super keen intelligence with level head. It's a rarity when you find it. He's turning 22, but I'm still waiting for his terrible "2s." The most humbling and honored thing ever being his mom. He is the finest human being I've ever known.

  5. I'll put him on our blog list on the Above the Norm blog and we will follow him. If he is anything like you, his blog will be fun to read.

  6. Hey Julie;
    Yeah, he's always into interesting things. I suspect this weekend one will be going up about an ongoing project. I love to see what he does next. Artistically, I am humbled by where he is at 21; as a human and a creative person.

  7. How fun! That was great of you to share! (But of course. That's what a good mama would do and you are most definitely that! ;)



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