Monday, September 28, 2009

Escape Monday

Today's escape, a wonderful tour of Doll Island in Mexico showcased on "Destination Truth."


  1. hee hee, that gal was funny, she was pretty freaked out. i bet she didn't know that place is actually haunted

  2. Yeah, I think she would have swam away!

  3. Haha:-) Indeed I think she would have swam away or bailed about any way she could have -interesting to say the least-I think I would also have been creeped out a bit-but it is very intersting in a way-best to you as always!!

  4. I lucked out. My son needed to film a short movie for his intermedia class and we found an abandoned trailer park in the desert and all the belongings were scattered, the walls missing from the trailers, everything rotting in the desert. It was nasty but beautiful. It was amazing! I actually found a bunch of old nasty dolls to add to my doll island area of my Halloween party in the yard. Very very creepy! It's growing and aging in the sunlight and looking a lot like the video now.

  5. Ah, Destination of my new 'must sees'...I love the blog!
    If you have any trouble accessing mine, email me at and I'll send you an update invite. Had to go private for a while. Had a few "goblins" to deal with lol



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