Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chernobyl Tour


  1. wow, that is so sad.
    can't wait to see what DT finds.

  2. This was my first time watching "Destination Truth" and I have to say I'm kind of disappointed. I found Josh and Jael to be really unprofessional and not really treating their investigation with the gravity it necessitated. Josh's constant screaming and panicking was more than I could handle, but in both segments of tonight's episode Jael was screaming and running from something. Ridiculous.

    And besides one good thermal image, Josh didn't spend much time collecting evidence for anything. He didn't provoke any EVPs or explore very much at all. I mean, I know they were constrained by radiation exposure, but still.

    I want my ghost hunters to run towards the things that go bump in the darkness and stick around to get more evidence and test out theories like the good ol' TAPS team.

  3. You know, it was probably a bad episode as an example. I was excited because it was the first time I'd seen Jael panic. Normally, she jumps right into things and is pretty cool. I'm sure they hope for a little hysteria from their people to make it exciting. If they were fearless, none of it would seem scary. I think what attracts me to the show is that Josh is cool about going anywhere and jumps right in without getting all baby-pants about it. The last episode before, he went diving way below where he should all alone and they waited breathlessly to see if he'd come back up in time before losing oxygen. This is a new team hand-picked by him, I believe, since he's now producing the show. So, they're a zillion times better than the suck-your-thumbs ones he had last season. It's hard to keep up with him because he'll trudge on, snakes, spiders, and all. His sense of humor is one of those things that some people find offensive. I have a friend who doesn't like him because he makes Americans look ugly, but really I think we'd all agree that the levity sort of counters what they're about to do and he's probably saying what we're thinking anyways. I depend on his humor for that comic relief, kind of like those moments in Jurassic Park when the kids gets out of the car in the tree and jokes about how he started out in the car and ended up back in it again. Definitely give it another try next week or check out prior episodes on SyFy. They have had some episodes that chill the bones like the Suicide Forest, the Romania Forest, and the Doll Island. (shivers)

  4. This video was really atmospheric if that is the right word to use-everything looks so sad and forlorn-I would be fascinated to see a ghost hunting show done at this site-has one been done at Chernobyl? I was just looking at the comments and wasn't sure if it was here or somewhere else you all were referring to-best to you as always!!

  5. Hey Dev;
    Last night, Destination Truth went to Chernobyl for ghost hunting. In fact, they might just have it on SyFy channel's full episodes. Keep your eye opened for it when it pops up on there because it was pretty creep-o-rama. The EMF was off the scale, bodies on the FLIR, cool dark shapes...they were really freaking out.

  6. I also did my weekly recap of DT as well. The video was sad.

  7. Jael seems to freak more than the other girl he had on last season...I can't think of her name though! I liked her. She had blond hair.

    Chernobyl...did you ever see the girl's photo essay who rode a motorcycle through Chernobyl? I saw it online a few years ago and it's one of those things that's haunted me ever since...this video reminded me of that.

  8. Courtney;
    Actually, Jael was quick to go in the cave with Josh when there bugs and all kinds of creepy things. She went into the water when asked when he was diving. She was cool in the forest in Romania. She was super chilly and together and brave. Then, it seems like she suddenly just started collapsing. Maybe they asked her to pull up the tension by freaking out. Rider from last season I thought was irritating. She kept saying she'd had it and she wouldn't do it and she was leaving and got hysterical about everything. I like when people are chilly but when they freak out, I take it more seriously (crying wolf, I suppose). When Josh screamed in the suicide woods when he saw someone, he looked truly rattled and for him to do that, that's significant. I really wanted them to get a team that could keep up with him, but you need a few who freak now and then. I'd like adrenal jockeys who are skeptics because if something happens and they lose it, I can put it in their context and take it seriously.



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