Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumn Forest - Get in the Mood

This is why I'm Autumnforest. This is not only where I want to be, but how I want to be...


  1. A rather interesting film clip. The music background is peaceful and some of the Images look so empty and desolate, despite the time of year. Gave me a feeling of cold and wet on some Images. Our woods will look the same way soon when it rains and snows. Everything gets soaking wet and the trees drip cold water. Everything is quiet and peaceful.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the the music!

    I'd love to get my hands on a cd of that musician...

  3. Yeah, I have to admit, I was attracted at first to the opening shot because I love wet cold woods. There's something both serene and peaceful about the leaves stripping off and the sounds changing and the scene opening up to show just how bleak and repetitive it is. The music pulled me in after that. I liked the combination. I used to do oil painting and when I did a painting, I'd listen to a song while I painted it. No matter how long it took to paint, I'd keep playing the same song. I always said, you need to listen to the song when you see the painting. I felt that way about that film.

  4. Super peaceful and calming. Very neat share!



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