Monday, August 17, 2009

KII session portion

Because I assumed a quiet geomagnetic night wouldn't make for great hunting, I didn't take my camcorder with nightvision. The group we went with had a good deal of equipment, so we figured we'd let them use theirs to cover all the major places. During our long and successful KII session, I did realize my cheap-o digital camera had video capability, so I turned it on. The room was completely dark and the lights on the KII about 6' away, so it's rather hard to watch the lights lighting up as the device was at an angle from where I sat, but you can see the hint of it and hear our reactions. At this point, we'd been shooting the breeze with "them" for about three or four minutes. I was just getting into determining how many there were present. We seemed to get a good reaction speaking gently and laughing and talking at a regular conversational cadence. Our prior conversation leading up to asking them to talk was just friendly and funny banter and humor. This portion is mostly where I was asking questions and trying to get answers. I had just gotten the worst goosebumps of my entire life before the lights started answering us and I thought to turn on the camera at this point. I would liked to have recorded longer, but the camera was already loaded with photos and ready for a memory card to be inserted, so the recording was cut short. It went on for about 5-8 minutes more of constant questions and answers directly after asking. If the answer was "no" the other lights wouldn't light up. If we paused to think of a question for a while, nothing happened. It was very blatantly right after the question that the lights would go off.


  1. Where was this taken at? Interesting stuff!

  2. I won't reveal the location (client confidentiality), but I'll tell you it was an old TB clinic in the Phoenix area. I always wanted to go to one of these and I was pleased to knock that off my list. The results from the KII make me certain that I want to add it as a regular tool. I've never ever had results before and that evening at four different times I did. Not bad.

  3. Not bad indeed. You did get some cool results with the KII. I think it should be a part of anyone's ghost hunting tool kit along with cameras and recorders.

  4. that was very cool! i wish i could go on a real ghost hunt.

    so when the light went brighter it was an affirmative response?

  5. It's hard to tell since I was scared to get my camera close to the KII meter--didn't want to cause any false readings or scare "it" away--but there's a set of lights on the meter. They go from green to red. The first light was always on, but when others come on, that means a fluctuation in the EMF right against the device--it won't read EMF that's far away from something electrical like a clock or a microwave, you have to be right up on it. The second and third lights were turning on in response--taking the EMF readings to about 1.5 to 2.5'ish. I have to admit, with the low geomagnetic activity that night and knowing the KII meter has never worked for me, I didn't bring my camcorder. I wish I had now! I think the lesson here is you never know what kind of night it'll be. I always always always take my camcorder with me, but I knew the other members would be filming every inch of the place. But, none of them realized this room was active, which is one of the advantages I have with my weird antennae. Hee hee

  6. oh, now this is just TOO awesome! i'm so happy that you seemed to have a 'rapport' with these ghost/spirits



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