Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seattle – Forward-Thinking City of Ley Lines

Did you know that Seattle is the first city to have its ley lines mapped?

What are ley lines? Ley lines more popularly refer to spiritual energy pathways in the earth—pathways of electromagnetic fields. Some people believe that UFOs even travel along ley lines. Some believe that Stonehenge, the pyramids, and Nazca lines in Peru were designed with these in mind. Where ley lines intersect, there are “vortexes” of energy. It is said that in these locations, one can experience psychic enhancement and spiritual and physical healing, such as in Sedona, Arizona.

The Seattle Ley Line mapping project was created by the Geo Group. This group was hired as an art project for the city to map the ley lines and produce pieces of environmental artwork to enhance the ley lines. Here you’ll see the proposals for the artwork.

It’s an exciting and interesting innovation. I really love the idea of tying people from the city to the earth and keeping them alive with reminders that we’re all earthlings not “concrete-ians.” There are plans for stone circles, earth mounds, standing stones, even beacon buoys for lines that are in the water. I believe encouraging citizens to stop at such structures and renew their batteries is a positive thing, whether they believe in the powers of the Earth or not. Imagine how you’d feel if you could study Stonehenge on your way to work every day? Sort of puts things into perspective.

No matter how one feels about the concept of ley lines, it is an unavoidable truth that our ancestors believed in the use of stones in ideal locations for what they believed to be more powerful uses. What did they know that we have lost touch with? Those subtle fluctuations in the human body that occur when electromagnetic fields change. If you’re a fan of “Ghost Hunters” you’ve probably heard the TAPS team talk about the changes EMF can have on the human body, creating sensations of being watched, headaches, nausea and such. Just how attuned our bodies to the Earth’s energy fields and ley lines? What does placing a heavy solid stone in such a location do?

These questions riddle me as I continue to find the correlations between hauntings and geology and materials. The only thing to ask next is, which locations are atop of ley line intersections? I keep hoping someone will finish mapping the US ley lines and then, perhaps, the last piece will fall into place.


  1. I saw a documentary about the ley lines. A place in Peru as well as Sedona were mentioned. Apparently, where these lines intersect is where vortex are located along with mysterious healing powers. I don't know much on the subject but I do find it fascinating. Seattle is another place I plan to visit. Perhaps when my hubby and I finally take that Alaskian cruise, we can spend some time in Seattle.

  2. How absolutely cool. I had no idea these lines existed, but it makes a lot of sense. Very cool.

  3. What an amzing concept and idea. I find this sort of stuff just fascinating.

  4. Julie;
    Seattle is really neat--I admit to being a Portland girl myself, but there's nothing as cool as the San Juan islands off the coast of the Seattle area and Mt. St. Helens is the #2 freakiest feeling place I've ever been--it's hard to explain, but there's an energy there that's otherworldly.

    Folks can use dowsing rods to find the lines. Apparently, that's the most popular way to track them. Some time, when I can get some cloud cover and it's not burning 105+ heat, I want to follow a train track with my dowsing rods to see if they do anything strange that might explain haunted sites with tracks nearby--I wonder if they can create false ley lines??? You know me, I love theories.

    Hibiscus, isn't it just the coolest way to bring people back to earth? I always say that here in AZ with the huge sandstorms and desert,we should erect a pyramid, just to make people stop and think.

  5. This is really fascinating-I had also never heard this before-maybe i shouldnt take offline days so much-it seems i miss so much and cant get caught up!Mike and Julie had an article up about Disneyland the other day (hauntings) that was also totally new to me-so I am learning a lot from all of you-thanks so much and all the best!!

  6. Devin;
    Hope all is going well--gonna do a rain spell today (Thursday)--hope it works. So far this year, 100% efficacy, but then I can feel rain in my body, so maybe that makes me biased as to when to do a spell...Another subject for a post. I'm glad you're learning about new stuff. I keep coming across these things too as if the universe wants to send them my way. I'd kill to be in on a Phoenix version of this art program. I'd definitely want to do some monolithic rocks, some Indian sweat lodges, and maybe a pyramid... Phoenix would never look the same! It'd beat those ugly expensive pots along Piestawa Parkway!

  7. I really love this picture you have with this post. I can see it on a wall in my house.

  8. There is a stone already in place at one of the city's power points- it's on Western Avenue below the Pike Place Market.



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