Monday, June 15, 2009

Cool Art

I thought I'd share some art I got that's in my office so while I'm working I can gaze at it and sigh. I really like these two artists. One does drawings, the other does photography with some effects.

The Green Man is done by a fantastically creative guy I found selling his art at the outdoor giant market on the weekend in Portland, Oregon. His name is Theo Ellsworth I love this stuff--it's a lot of Celtic/Pagan looking images.

The other one, the photographer, is John Akhtar. He's a hard guy to find online, so the link is for an article about him.

I love to find struggling artists and folks who do things a bit like how I look at the world. The mistied looks of the crypty with the black cat reminds me of twilight jaunts to graveyards and the Green Man with its colors and contrasts just gets me all ready to work in the garden.


  1. great green man. i will take pics of all of mine and put them on my blog! good idea!

  2. ps....i love to combine beauty with spooky!

  3. Jaz--you're my kinda person! Can't wait to see your stuff.

  4. I love the green man. When I lived in California I always attended the Palm Springs Renaissance Fairs. Green man heaven.

  5. I love your taste in artwork. Cool pictures!

  6. Thanks. Yeah, when I got the autumn leaf tattoo, I was originally going to get the Green Man image. I just couldn't get the image I wanted--full sensuous lips, heavy eyelids, really sexy and kind of like a wild man of the woods...but then I thought about it and I realized having a face on my arm was kind of weird. I wanted something symbolic and since I go by Autumnforest anyways...I decided on a leaf fallen on my shoulder from the forest above.

    Julie--love your pic--that's cool!

  7. I enjoy taking photos and making them into art in Photoshop. I usually will do that for my intro picture for my posts on our Above the Norm blog.



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