Monday, June 15, 2009

A Bit of Old With the New

Just to get away from the research for a few moments, I thought I'd share some pictures from things I have around my house. I have what I like to call a very orderly organized Virgo home where I personally (not the other house's occupants) like to keep things very simple, very organized, and own nothing I don't use or enjoy gazing upon. Well, the overall look I'm trying to achieve (after a decade of medieval castle look) is a kind of zen-like, contemporary, Ikea meets contemporary botanical garden look (I just made that up, don't call me a designer by any stretch of the imagination). But, I did keep a few of the elements from the medieval past design because I'm Celtic/Nordic and because I love the Green Man and garden whimsy. So, here's some faces that greet me around the house. Of course, one of those guys is a Roman head with a plant in it (but I like to think he's a garden man) and one is a dude I call "Merlin" because of the beard. I usually end up rusting out objects or corroding them and doing fake moss and lichens...


  1. I envy you your art! My wife would never tolerate muss and fuss which she would classify some of that stuff as... :) In our new house I will have a home office / den and in there I will certainly have some nice pieces and pictures, away from everyone else's tender sensibilities. :)

  2. Yeah. You can't imagine how hard it was to make those work in the house, but they actually do. With the garden sort of feel of the place, they seem at home. I promised myself that as soon as I sold my first novel, I'm redoing my work office to be a super creepy writing place for horror. I'm going to collect rusted farm implements and hang them overhead like it's an old barn. Then, a row of creepy old baby dolls on a shelf watching me, maybe a couple clown dolls and ventriloquist dolls. It'll be a regular horror show. I might even do rusted metal on the walls. I know hubby won't bother me when I'm writing in there. :-)

  3. I was watching an HGTV show where they took something new and made it look old. This stuff is right up my alley.

  4. Julie;
    My husband swears I can't leave anything alone. I paint and chip and distress everything. I want to live in an abandoned building. Hee hee. I just love what weather does to stuff left outdoors.



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