Friday, May 22, 2009

Abandoned AZ Site

This was a place (old horse ranch) my son found recently and made a short film of his photos he took. We both get inspiration from weather-aged, worn-down, abandoned, and decaying places for our art. This one inspired me so much, I have to get him to take me there soon before the weather gets ungodly hot here in the desert. I look at this disarray and think “what story does it tell?” Very cool!


  1. I also love checking out abandoned sites. There are so many in AZ to see.

  2. Yeah, I think AZ is becoming one big dustbowl ghost town again. I'm curious to head down to Florence/Gila Bend and get a look around. They were both very abandoned back when I last saw them and I'm curious how much more has fallen apart since then. That's what I loved about "Omega Man" so much--not really the story, but the idea of wandering around an abandoned city and trying to figure out the story of their lives from their artifacts.

  3. very cool, i don't why, but i had goose bumps watching and listening to this. loved it. what is the music he has playing?

  4. Sandra;
    It's "And With Her Came the Birds" by Cult of Luna. Glad you liked it. I can't wait to go explore it myself. He's gotten some acting friends together and hopes to make a short film. I'm hoping to help with sets/costume/makeup--my expertise. If he ends up doing something creepy, I'll post it.



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