Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting You Into The Creepy Mood

I suppose all those times I dragged my son to cemeteries to photograph late at night (getting us locked in one time) must have affected his art. He's an intermedia major (with hopes of working in animation or gaming) in his junior year of college and made this short film by an interesting technique. He took a camcorder and put it up against the eyepiece of an old VHS camera as it played this old home movie of him on his first trick-or-treating adventure (yes, I dressed him as a lamb--shame on me. You can tell, he didn't like the hat at all--afraid that when I answered the door, I wouldn't know him). He set this short film to a Nine Inch Nails song. The effect is very weird. He wanted it to represent the quality of memories and how dream-like they can be. It definitely does that. Hope you enjoy it. Click on this to see it.


  1. Excellent....touch's something deep within...can't really put my bony finger on it...Well done...Great Soundtrack choice also


  2. Everyone seems to feel a sadness at the loss of childhood when they see that film. It reminded me of Easter Sunday when mom would make me dress up in gloves, hat, puffy dress, and parade me around the church and I'd be miserable when I wanted to dive into my Easter basket and sleep in. I'd end up having to spend the day at church doing activities instead. It was a melancholy feeling.

  3. I like his video, nice job! The picture reminds me of putting both my kids in costume they just hated.

  4. We laugh about the costumes. He had a head cold that year so he only went to our door. The next year, I made him into a stegasaurus (spelling?) and people thought he was a shark. My favorite one was one year when (I do stage makeup), I mangled his face with lots of special effects and he looked all bruised and bloody with a broken nose and all and then took a motorcycle tire dipped in paint and ran it over his clothing so he looked like someone ran him over. My husband came home and just about got sick. Hee hee. I like to do pranks during Halloween month and occasionally put on a fake wound and pretend I cut myself with the kitchen knife or peel away my skin at the dinner table. Once, I put a fake severe head I made in my trunk and asked my friend to get something from my car trunk in the mall parking lot. She screamed her head off. Yeah, I'm a real juvenile.



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