Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where is it?

Hey, anyone who's a big "Ghost Hunters" show fan and bought DVDs episodes, do you have any idea where the DVD is for the 2005 Halloween special that included the Moon River Brewery where the shadow person went in and out of the wall behind the pool table? I have the complete season 2 on DVD, but didn't see it listed. I can't find it sold separately either. Let me know, I'd like to complete my collection.


  1. Autumnforest -don't know if this suggestion will help you or not-have you thought of doing an advert on Craigslist? The only reason I ask is that I thought of putting an ad in for the whole Phoenix area of anyone who had back issues of -what else-the Fortean Times magazine -havent done it yet as I do not have a stable financial situation. I hope you find your DVD-will keep my eyes out-esp if they sale these at mark downs in video stores-I am way behind on reading everyone's blogs -hope to get caught up this week somewhat -still having health issues-best to you as always!

  2. I don't have it either so if you find out, let me know too.

  3. Thanks for the input, ya'all. I realized that episode supposedly also has that episode where they're in that southern home and they get that woman begging for her life... I won't rest until I found out where they put it. I thought it was on the Season 2 when I got it, but they were new at the Halloween special thing, so maybe they made that one separately, though I can't find it for sale... Hmm... Devin, I wish I had kept my back issues of Fortean times, but I always recycle--ended up using them for collages for son's school. I'll check with my friends who get them and see if they keep the old issues. I hope you're feeling stronger and better. Everyone's sending positive energy :-)

  4. Thanks so much Autumnforest! geez i can hardly keep up with you anymore at all-it is so great to see your blog going so fantastic! I am sending positive energies your way also!!



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