Never-Before-Seen Chilling Evidence of a Humanoid in a Cave! Part 4 Conclusions

This is part 4 of this 4-day series about a most amazing piece of evidence from a cave. In this installment, I plan to discuss what the findings might represent. I will present you with a myriad of possibilities. You may pursue any that you wish in coming to your own conclusions. I have nothing invested in the outcome of your observations, as all of us need some time to assimilate this and ponder the possibilities. I hope to give you lots of paths to consider, but certainly not the only ones.

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Moon-Eyed Race

Looking at the Massey Man, I couldn't help thinking about some features of the eye and the ligaments that support an eye meant to be protected from light and so I immediately recalled the Cherokee legend of the moon-eyed people -

Cherokee art of moon-eyed people

WIKIPEDIA: The moon-eyed people are a race of people from Cherokee tradition who are said to have lived in Appalachia until the Cherokee expelled them. They are mentioned in a 1797 book by Benjamin Smith Barton, who explains they are called "moon-eyed" because they saw poorly during the day. Later variants add additional details, claiming the people had white skin, that they created the area's pre-Columbian ruins, and that they went west after their defeat. 

If we are talking about a population of these moon-eyed folks in this cave, then a race of people that are "leftover" from the Ice Age could make sense, but some of the qualities seem adapted to darkness, so a people who were literally designed to prefer nighttime and are tall (sound like anyone we know?)

I began poking around cultures to see what looks like these guys -

Cherokee Booger and Moai of Easter Island almost identical.

The Hairy Man - Yokut of California

Salish - Pacific Northwest



The other possibility, if it is not a whole breeding population of another type of man, is that this is a hybrid. A hybrid that is raising children in the cave. This would mean there had to be a female. So, had any females gone missing in perhaps the 1990s in this area, whether they were hikers or women living on the edge of wilderness?

Well, if it's true that a woman was abducted and given the far reach of some of these caves distance-wise from each other and signs that the occupants visited the other caves, then the woman could have been abducted over a wide distance from this cave and this was one of the caves in their many-mile circuit.
At one point in his back and forth, Don came across a lonely spot deep in the woods not far from the cave, a couple miles, where a woman's entire clothing was spread out across the ground, as well as music sheets. Everything was there, except her shoes.

A cursory look at the police records of missing women in that area didn't show any possibilities. Of course, if the Missing 411 series taught us anything, individuals can go missing without the police offering reports when it involves state and national parks.

Nictitating membrane? 

Physiologically, I'm working with what I can view in the photo and it appears to be an eye with great dilatation but also in the corner of it what looks like a nictitating membrane.

You can see this "inner lid" that protects the eye in certain animals and reptiles, specifically night traveling ones like owls and cats.

This Gif file is from a Texas Bigfoot research site, still images captured from trail cam put into gif by MK Davis 

The eye on the left side appears to be a right eye. The eye on the right side appears to be a left eye. There are some extraordinary similarities, especially the pronounced ridge rimming the eye.

In this still shot from the video, look at the pronounced ridge around the eye.

Now, look at the Massey Man - 

Massey referring to a "red eye" and the nictitating membrane looking tissue made me think of Karl Sup's excellent post on the eyes of Bigfoot (LINK).

A feral person who is exceptionally tall? An "archaic" man stealing mates and squirreling them away in a cave to make little baby hybrids? It would seem that whatever this man is, he is adapted to the dark space in which he dwells. He likely comes out at night. And, given Don's research finding prints from that cave in caves many miles away, could be coordinating much of his (their) movement through tunnels that communicate or traveling in the dark.

What other explanations could exist for this?


It was mentioned by someone in my research group that perhaps this was a mask that it utilized. A bit of farce to scare off folks. That is always a possibility, but it also seems a bit odd that a being leaving 8-inch finger length prints in the mud and standing 7 feet tall, naked in a cave had the goods to make this mask seems absolutely absurd. I'm quite good at crafts and even with the best clay and parts, I doubt I could get anywhere close this quality. But, I do mention it because this posting is about evaluating every possibility.


Here we see a horse eye. Because of the shaggy hair and wispy hair, someone suggested a horse photo. You can see that the eye has no similarity to this creature and the horse eye does not show white.

Notice - no eyebrow? looks like perhaps some hairs along the inside of the upper lid seen best on the outer left edge.

The horse eye also shows lashes when seen straight on, as well as bulging out of the side of the head.
Nuclear-mutation victim?

(LINK) In January 1961, three men died during a nuclear meltdown 65 miles east of Idaho Falls. This is a long distance from that area, but for the sake of the nuclear radiation subject, I doubt anyone who managed to survive the fallout from the explosion would have carried that mutation on to other individuals in the group that appear to be of similar size. It also would not explain the adapted eye for the cave, as that would take many many generations.

Local Native Legends: Boqs/Skookum

Boqs are the wild hairy men of this region as described by the Native People. Some believed them to be horrible, to eat people and molest women. Other tribes believed them to be more hidden and shy. (LINK). They also believe that the Boqs did not leave the area with the advent of Homo sapiens in the region, they are still about. Some have described the Sasquatch as having varying degrees of hairiness.

Reptoids/Hybrid Human Reptoid

I am determined to cover every possibility. Some speak of reptoids in caves and there are numerous accounts of people encountering these human-reptile mixes. What is also interesting is a study that 360 million years ago there was a single reptile that gave the genes for scales, feathers and hairs on the creatures and humans that would come much later. Whether you believe in this aspect of evolution or not, I am putting that out there.

Reptoid could answer some things, like the odd eyes with nictating membrane (like a reptile), the strange shaped face, the height and powerful build. That it is in a cave where reptoids are reported, is another point in its favor. The hair, however, leaves another puzzle. This red hair comes from a gene passed down by Neanderthal, at least it is for us Homo sapiens. Could this mean a hybrid reptilian?

The whole face postulated 

An artist attempted to create the entire face with clay, utilizing what Massey saw and the photo. We would all agree it has some very sharp archaic features.

Tall strange creatures reported

Only a couple miles from the cave there was a dump where there were reports of tall strange creatures rummaging. This theme is repeated. In fact, one researcher found a giant Bigfoot cut-out at a mulching facility near the forest where he had seen a Bigfoot. This article tells of one who left tracks around a dump.
Nazca Mummy 

The Nazca supposed mummy found with 3 fingers is exceptionally odd and many question if it's authentic. What does strike me are the exceptionally long 3 fingers, as well as the skull, cheekbones, eye sockets.

Admittedly, if the Nazca mummy were real, some attributes line up quite well, including elongated head, large eye socket near the outer edge of face, pronounced brow. If one believes the claims of the Nazca 3-fingered mummy, we might have a hybrid relative.


Taking everything into consideration in this most unusual case, I am pleased to hear that Don plans to continue to observe this cave. He has not encountered the being that he comes to refer to as "Rascal," but he is completely amenable to the prospect.

He has had years of back and forth interaction with those in the cave and they appear to be intelligent, willing to use what is given to them, and more or less amuse themselves with what he leaves. There is no sign that they are particularly hungry, as they are picky about the foods they eat that he has offered.

It has been several years since he has been there. He hopes that in that time they have come to think he's gone and are comfortable once again in their domain.

I promise, as always, to share information about this location and any finds that are made. It definitely warrants a good deal more research.

While I realize this is a most exceptional set of findings, I do not insist that you come to any particular conclusions. How we come to understand new information depends on experiences, belief systems, and thought processes, as well as cultural and religious influences. I greatly respect that everyone maintains their own set of standards. I readily admit, I am intrigued and I believe that we have missed much in this world that is alongside us because we proclaim to have accounted for the occupants of earth.

And yet, new tribes are found even today -

UPDATE: I promise that as Don and his co-researchers make a trek back to the cave and I will be sharing this with the public. It's important to see what happens over time and if new evidence can be accrued. It is such an exceptional situation and it is our hope that this Massey Man and any others using the cave have remained and not moved on. 

As well, Don has many dozens of other caves he regularly attends to and accrues evidence. I hope to be sharing much of his finds in the field as with this serious field researcher, he doesn't sit still long enough to share with the public except on the occasional radio show.

You can hear Don and MK Davis together on Bigfoot Central radio shows the first Tuesday of the month where they are regulars.

UPDATE: (LINK) This interesting case of a faceless tall pale stalker of a moose in Canada caught my attention! 


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