Lonely on a Friday Night--Join Us Here!

It's that time again. I'm here all evening hanging out and watching the totally cool new episode of "Ghost Adventures," so please feel free to jump in and chat.


  1. Wish I could but I am going to the beach! :D

  2. OK-Its Friday nite and I am lonely too!!
    Autumn-i hope you are doing great (not too lonely :-) and I am jealous of Zombie going to the beach-shit I dont even have enough money to get to a bar -would probably end bad anyway-LOL
    doing some research but will try to get back b4 logging off -all the best to you!!

  3. Hey Devin;
    Hope to hear from you again soon! I am working on my novel Josiah: Undead Cowboy while hanging out.

  4. Thanks Autumn!! cant wait to hear about your work -I will keep checking to see if youve posted anything from it during the times i am online -or you can email me too -if you post any more of your work from any of your fiction writing--I should be online tomorrow unless I cant sleep tonight -then it will be Sunday-i am so behind on everything i am never going to get caught up -haha-- in the meantime I hope you and everyone here has a wonderful (and not too lonely) weekend!!

  5. Hey little bror;
    I am glad to hear from you, baby brother. You better be doing well! I am writing like mad. Josiah's blog will give you hints of the book


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