Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Exhumed: Famous and Infamous Exhumed Remains

Upon occasion a body must be exhumed or done so by accident. Some exhumations can reveal unusual finds and many famous people who were exhumed are documented by curious witnesses. Let's have a look at some unusual exhumations.

Lady Dai 
Xin Zhui

This woman (above) was part of the Han Dynasty (around 200 BC to 200 AD), the Marquis of Dai. In 1971 she was dug up and her condition baffled experts and still does. How did she stay preserved for over 2000 years in such great condition? Her skin was moist, her joints flexible. Her eyelashes and nostril hairs remained and blood was in her veins! 

In fact, her condition was like that of a newly dead person. 

This man was exhumed after 60 years (above)

A 14th Century potential murder had experts wondering if it was, so they dug up the 700-year-old body to see (above). This Italian lord was said to have died following vomiting and diarrhea. They found plant matter in him that was toxic in nature, leading them to believe it was murder.

Here (below) is an eerie exhumation of a woman who died at 18. Almost 30 years later they were digging her up to accommodate her father's burial.  - -


There is quite a list of famous people who were exhumed for one reason or another. Some of them include - 

Daniel Boone - He was buried in Missouri but when moved to Kentucky, they thought they might have the wrong body.
John Wilkes Booth - His body was warehoused until his family finally put him to rest in their area.
Al Capone - His body was moved.
Karen Carpenter - In Karen's case, they wanted to move her to a new location.
Christopher Columbus - His body had been moved around and so there was some question about whether the remains were his or possibly mixed with another person.
Marie Curie - Her body was exhumed and moved to be put in a place of honor.
Sammy Davis Jr. - Sadly, Sammy died almost bankrupt so his wife actually had him exhumed to get the 70,000 dollars worth of jewelry he was buried with.
Adolf Hitler - In 1970, remains believed to be his were turned over for cremation.
Benny Hill - Sadly, this beloved comedian was the victim of grave robbery. 
Abraham Lincoln - Several people thought to try and steal his body. Eventually, they encased him in concrete. 
Lee Harvey Oswald - His widow had him dug up to prove that he was actually dead to conspiracy theorists.
Elvis Presley - Buried in Memphis, he was moved because someone tried to steal his body. He was placed at Graceland


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