Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scarecrows! Scarecrows! Scarecrows!

(Scarecrow by Pumpkinrot one of the greatest Halloween artisans I know. I get my Halloween cards from him every year and he makes a new scarecrow to commemorate each All Hallow's Eve)

When I was a child, I was obsessed with scarecrows.  I wasn't sure they were effective.  

It seemed the crows like to use them to rest upon. 

But, those silent sentinels of country gardens were things of nightmares; a human-like figure crucified against the setting sun between rows of bright green corn stalks....

- Movies With Scarecrows -

The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (miniseries)
Night of the Scarecrow (my favorite)
Wizard of Oz
Scarecrows (1988)
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers 2
Kakashi (2001, Japanese)
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
Dark Harvest
The Maize
Psycho Scarecrow

A REAL scarecrow is scary. Not a happy autumnal symbol sold at craft stores in happy clothes with rosy cheeks.

In one of my candlelight tales, I told of my own creepy countryside experience with scarecrows - 

I was very inspired this year to make a scarecrow head. He is for sale in my etsy shop and I call him "Crow Eater." 

If that isn't enough love for the scarecrows, my soon-to-be-released erotic horror novel, Pagan Bloodlust, has an army of scarecrows. 

(To be released Fall 2015 in paperback/Kindle)

Scarecrow costumes are a favorite at Halloween and there is so much you can do to freak out the kids, by standing in front of a cross, arms out and awaiting their skip down you walkway to lunge out at them. Wearing a scarecrow costume to a party allows you to be in loose comfortable tattered clothing and dance like a maniac without anyone knowing who the idiot is that can't dance.

Add your own tattered worn and frayed flannel shirt and torn jeans, perhaps some raffia straw from the craft store....

Decorating with scarecrows can be the most effective creepy tool ever - 

And while you have the costume on, perhaps you should....

You can make scarecrows lots of ways and here's an example below - just take the concept and create -

Had enough scarecrows?  Never! There's a terrifying scarecrow short story in my huge horror short anthology book.

"Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" 

Here's a sample of it:

The squeaking scarecrow stands whined around him like pleading children. He couldn’t resist the grim desire to view the spectacle. The amber hazy last bits of sunlight cast on the pumpkin heads making them glow. The wind created a sail effect on the clothing, making each scarecrow seem to inhale and exhale painfully as they pivoted on their poles, arms swinging stiffly to and fro. 

If I look at them long enough, they really appear alive!

There was even a scarecrow miniseries - let's go back several decades.... "The Scarecrow Romney Marsh"

Japan's mannequin head scarecrows!

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