Monday, May 26, 2014

Accidental Mummies: Creepiest Dead Bodies

In 1920, Rosalia Lombardo died of the flu in Italy. Her father was grief stricken. The 2-year-old was embalmed by special means and placed in a display case in Palermo's Capuchin Catacombs where she remains flawless.

The actress Yvette Vickers known for movies like "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" was found dead almost a year after her death, in her bedroom with a space heater - mummified.

In 1895, two cowboys came across a mummy in the desert outside of Gila Bend, Arizona. He was partially buried in the sand. Conditions were such that he remained mummified, apparently gut shot in the past. They named him Sylvester and put him on display.

Neighbors said a woman was missing for a few years in Pontiac, Michigan. When her house foreclosed, they opened it up and found her mummified body in the car in the garage.  Even weirder, it seemed like someone was maintaining her yard.

What goes around comes around? A man in Buenos Aires was found dead in his home with his mother who was mummified in the home the past 10 years!  He was found across the table from his mother who was wrapped in plastic bags and wearing slippers who had passed around around 2004. 

A tribe of people were found accidentally mummified in Russia. These red-haired people wearing copper masks in the Arctic Circle (sound familiar?) 

They are actually going to do testing to find out who these people were.  Source:  A total of 34 shallow graves have been excavated by archeologists at Zeleniy Yar, 18 miles south of the Arctic Circle, and included a small treasure trove of jewellery and artifacts indicating this was a trading outpost of some importance around one millennium ago. 'The medieval necropolis include 11 bodies with shattered or missing skulls, and smashed skeletons,' reported The Siberian Times.  'Five mummies were found to be shrouded in copper, while also elaborately covered in reindeer, beaver, wolverine or bear fur.

Perhaps the most famous accidental mummies are the Mummies of Guanajuato. These bodies were buried during a cholera outbreak in the 1800s in Mexico. They were moved eventually when funds weren't paid and their mummified remains are now on display for all the world to see.

Wanna be a mummy? 

There is a service that will do it for about $68,000. I actually think it'd be wicked cool to be a mummy.  Check out this service - you can even have a pet mummified. Yikes! 

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