Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Black Bed Sheet Books: Rising Star in Horror Publishing

My life since doing the right thing and leaving my miserable marriage, has been one serendipitous find followed by another. I like to call it KARMA.

The Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse book, for instance.

It started out as a photo shoot for the Blogger Virtual Zombie Event that I invented (will be hosted henceforth by Zombies Everywhere in the Fall). I wanted to take photos of Julie and I as zombies, but we decided we needed to do it in an abandoned apocalyptic-like building. When we chose the abandoned house to photograph in, we thought about the shots we wanted to take. We realized that acting as zombie housewives would be fun.

Then, as always, a discussion ensued about whether a suburban 1950s housewife would turn into zombie and know the difference. She might just hobble through her day as if nothing had happened and continue to do housekeeping in her suburban hovel. And, so, a book concept was born into a series that will take us through the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and women's roles in those eras in the social setting and the ever present reality that housewives are in a perpetual zombie state. We just placed them in a world that continues on its era, only with zombie inhabitants.

Moving on, we worked on the artistic aspects of the book and the content, realizing we wanted to bring in the zombie-loving culture with a lot of resources in the book, as well, and with the idea that in the subsequent books we would focus on the housewives and content and take them over the top with fun and horror. The question next was, who should the publisher be?

A buddy of mine in the blog world had been submitting a zombie manuscript to publishing companies, so I asked him. He handed me 3 publisher's names. He mentioned this one publisher, Black Bed Sheet Books, that had a cool guy running it who showed great promise as a publisher to work for and the books were all prime stuff from writers who were taking off in a big way in the horror genre. This was just the kind of company we wanted to be associated with, so we sent off the manuscript.

Surprisingly, the publisher took it and sent us a contract. We were astonished. Both Julie and I knew we had something very unique and unusual and it defied a real subgenre in the horror realm. Our publisher not only was a wonderful mentor, but also believed in our ability to infect the public with a desire to join the zombie housewives revolution. His believe in us shored our nervousness about being published in print finally and we lived up to his expectations.

Black Bed Sheet Books is a fast growing horror publishing company and the writers in their stable have extraordinary talents. They have done a fine job of finding the untapped and brilliant writers who make a publishing company's reputation soar. I expect to see BBS grow rapidly now that it's caught the eye of the public and the publishing industry. Julie and I are both very proud to be a part of it and in a circle of amazing writers, only some of whom are:

Sue Dent
Jason Gehlert
Nick Kisella
Nicholas Grabowsky
S.C. Hayden
Sharon Day/Julie Ferguson

I suggest you take a glance at their awesome new online store (notice the background on the site--yahoo!) and learn more about the authors and their offerings. This is the beginning of something amazing that is breathing life into the horror community and showing how horror publishing should be evolving in a fast-paced world.

I am proud to be on their list of authors.


  1. Nice background at the online store! Btw, what do you call that color? Putrescent Pink? Festering Fuschia? Inquiring minds want to know...

  2. Kicking A@& and takin names! Rey Otis, BBS author

  3. Excellent! It does feel like a rare blessing to be a BBS author. Kickin A@$ and takin names! Onward Zombie soldiers



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