Saturday, February 4, 2012

Creepy and Crazy Bedrooms

I hope this inspires y'all to think of your bedrooms with whimsy, comfort, gothic touches, and creativity. They should not just put you to sleep, but inspire you during some the most, well, special times of your life.
Boyfriend's Arm Pillow
Yeah, but does it cup her ass as she's sleeping and prod her from behind? 

Girlfriend's Lap Pillow 
Who needed her top portion?

Rock Pillows 
Visions of the Rock Biter from Neverending Story

Puddle of Blood Pillow If I worked in an office and not at home, I would sooooo use this!


  1. Those are so great especially the last one.

  2. wow i love 'em it ius insane and crazy but love 'em

  3. Those castle inspired goth rooms is EXACTLY what I plan to do when me and my husband move out of our town home and into our first house. EEK! This made me smile to think about that.

    I have seen the naked body comforter on the british show called Skins. They are too funny.

  4. The girlfriend's lap pillow will be popular with the serial killer crowd.

    1. Haha. Yeah. Hey, Nat, remind me of your blog's address. Blogger emptied out all of my blog list and I had to refill it but couldn't remember your address.

    2. And I thought you had forsaken me!

      My blog address is:

      Love & admiration, as always,

      - RVB

  5. The coffin chaise would certainly be a conversation starter. The rocks are just cool! I love the idea of being able to create a total fantasy world like that. The blood puddle pillow is fun too.

  6. The coffin couch is awesome, but that medieval/Gothic bedroom at the top is WAY cool! When I have a home of my home, I have every intention of tranforming it into a lair worthy of any mad genius!

  7. Ooh that red and black room is beautiful! Good inspiration.

  8. I like the first picture the best. It looks like it could be in a castle or something. That's the bedroom I would choose!



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