Monday, September 12, 2011

My 3 Favorite Scream Queens

First Favorite: Dee Wallace Stone

"The Howling"


"The Hills Have Eyes"


Second Favorite: Karen Black

"Trilogy of Terror"

"Burnt Offerings"

"The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver"

Third Favorite: Adrienne Barbeau

"Swamp Thing"

"The Fog"


I know, I know, I didn't include Jamie Lee Curtis, but honestly she just didn't do it for me. She was a horrible actress, well, still is. These women were real actresses and very real and natural.

Who are your fav's?


  1. And I just realized that after 90 straight weeks of Saturday Scream Queens over at Terror Titans, I haven't covered ANY of those three. Despite the fact they're all great. I better fix that before the series breaks 100!

  2. Haha. How could you miss them, Steve? Go to it, man!

  3. mine would have to be barbra hershy entity movie warped my mind ..
    the karen black is a fav but thats alli can think of..

  4. I had considered Barbara Hershey and also Pamela Franklin. Both really good at the creep-factor.

  5. I loved "Trilogy of Terror" with Karen Black. Adrienne Barbeau only had her boobs going for her, in my opinion (not that I was complaining!)

  6. Oh, come on, you have to admit her voice in "The Fog" was pretty sexy. Hee hee. I liked her because she was a bit edgy. I never thought that a scream queen should be totally feminine. In fact, Jamie Lee Curtis, and all these women had a tomboyish quality to them. Adrienne was much better used in Creepshow. You seriously wanted her to be thrust at the monster.

  7. I haven't seen "Creepshow" in ages, but I remember "I want my CAKE, Bedelia!"

  8. LOVE the Fog. One of Carpenter's best. The remake, of course, was terrible. But the first had so much...atmosphere. I mean, you practically didn't even need a plot. The thing reeked of EXPERIENCE, like a sideshow haunted house.

  9. I wanted to jump right into "The Fog" and I wish they had a bit more ghostly interactions, but all in all, perfection. I also think The Changeling did some amazing things with terror. The EVP he listened to after the seance, the hidden room, the kid coming through the floorboards, the wet ball bouncing...I'd love to see that one redone nowadays with someone kind of brooding like Adrian Brody or something.

  10. Adrienne and 'The Fog'... Oh man...


  11. Yeah, Shoes, I could see you enjoying that.

  12. She's not your typical scream queen, but I'd go for Angela Bettis. She's beyond talented and she's done quite a lot of horror features. Dee Wallace stays top quality as well... and she's a very kind lady. And Asia Argento has something edgy as well; not a good actress, but there's something different and intelligent about her that I like. By the way... it's so much easier to find favorite horror actors than actresses.

  13. True about the men. Most of the great ones were in the older era, Lon Chaney, Christopher Lee, Bela Legosi, Vincent Price. Other than Bruce Campbell, can't think of much in the way of male scream queens in recent years. I rather liked James Mason in "Salem's Lot."

  14. And Chris Sarandon in Fright Night (eighties version).

  15. Yum, Yum, Yum. I had a monster thing for him and also Michael Sarazzin (Reincarnation of Peter Proud).



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