Monday, September 19, 2011

Make a Fake Wound!

Step 1. Elmer's glue. Glob it on where you want the wound. You can use a blow dryer. It might take 10-20 minutes to dry well enough to work with.

Step 2. Take face foundation in skin color and a sponge and pat it on the Elmer's until it matches with your skin.

Step 3. Dig into the glue with a toothpick or pencil and open up a pocket for the wound. Now, use a black eyeliner pencil to make a dark area deep inside there for depth.

Step 4. Take eyeshadow in purple and sponge it in close to the wound. Then, sponge green eyeshadow around that and then yellow around the outer area.

Step 5. Put fake blood in a cap and gently pour it into the wound pocket and let it drip and dry.

Step 6. Add instrument of torture into the fake skin, a nail, a metal nail file, or other object.

**Be ready, tomorrow is a new episode of LAUGH, this time poking fun at "Finding Bigfoot.**


  1. This would look especially gnarly on an eyebrow - as long as you can keep the glue out of your eye, of course!

  2. That would be an awesome addition to a zombie outfit!

  3. Thanks zombie--you made me realize I should add my zombie makeup pic to show another wound.

  4. MM--use them wisely. Plot your terrifying prank cautiously.

  5. Those are some good looking fake wounds. I would never have thought elmer's glue could be used so many ways. I'll try this out for my son's zombie costume this year.

  6. Cool...I will be referencing this when doung my son's "zombie chef" make up for Halloween this year!



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