Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ghost Lovers: Ghost Sex

Several years ago, I was contacted by a woman who wanted to share her nocturnal ghostly sex encounters with me. First, we covered the usual questions about parasomnia, i.e. have you ever walked or talked in your sleep? Once we got those answers, we moved on to her encounters.

It began innocently with waking up to something touching her here and here, nowhere specific. Then, the touches got a bit closer to "home." Eventually, she woke up to the feel of someone arousing her to climax. Sometimes, it felt like someone was atop of her. Sometimes, she thought she could feel someone inside of her.

Did you know that men and women both have arousal states in their sleep? You know that morning woodie men can get? Women get arousal then too. When asking this woman for more information, it appeared that these encounters happened in the sunrise moments of the morning.

So, was she taking any medications or having any hormonal issues that might be creating a more than usual aroused state? She admitted to drinking ginger tea every night before bed. Ginger can be arousing, but not that long lasting! She was at her prime fertile time of life. These encounters seemed to occur once a month. When? When she was ovulating. Hmm...

Can we have sex with ghosts? No. Can our minds be aroused in our sleep and we can incorporate it into our dream state? Yes. Have you ever had a headache in your sleep and dreamed someone was squeezing your head? Or had intestinal cramps and had a nightmare you were having a baby? We tend to incorporate physical conditions into the dream state.

You put someone between sleep stages who is vulnerable to parasomnia conditions in the past, i.e. walking/talking in her sleep, perhaps throw in some hormones and you have a really good "ghost sex" scenario.

I, however, am not giving up on the hope that there's a lonely incubus out there looking for a brassy redhead to visit.


  1. Hey, we have to all admit that a ghost lover is ideal; no pregnancy, no one catching us, if they don't exist in physical form, is that cheating? Can come to our place and do us and go away by sunrise. Sounds ideal.

  2. I had a ghostly someone visit me, it was very sexual and it wasn't just during the night, it could be any time day or night and still happens now. No particular time of month, it is most days and is very nice.

  3. Who cares if it was all in her head...she got off, didn't she? ;)

  4. I, however, am not giving up on the hope that there's a lonely incubus out there looking for a brassy redhead to visit. (i have a possessed doll that has a incubus

  5. i have ghost sex experience ghost leave in my house i am living alone and in sex time i cant explane its very pleasure sex no humen can give me that pleasure ohhhhh its very lovely i want do that always



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